Are Your Eyes HD Ready?

Over the next couple of years millions of people will be spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds buying HD TVs. You may even have one already?

There is no doubt that HD TV brings unprecedented levels of quality and sharpness to your TV picture.

Yet the truth is that a great many people won’t actually be able to see the true benefit - their eyesight is simply not good enough.

This is a great shame because the majority of eye conditions that prevent clarity of vision are perfectly natural and can be easily remedied with a prescription for spectacles.

The solution starts with an eye test.

As a Varilux Specialist Optician, your optometrist has the skills, equipment and the time and the patience to give you a thorough test to establish whether you have HD Ready eyesight.

It’s also worth remembering that an eye test can be a good indicator of more general health issues, and it will be good for your peace of mind - even if your sight does not need correction.

You can find more details or take a simple question based test at if you are uncertain.

Even if you don’t have an HD ready TV - make sure you don’t miss out on seeing life via HD Ready eyesight - make an appointment with your optician today.

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